Top 10 all time best android apps

Over the last few years Android apps have been improved well enough.  The Android app library looks like a minimart of apps.  There’s no shortage of great Android apps, and because of the steady release of high-profile handsets, high-power AndroidTablets.  The ecosystem is so popular and growing that it have turned that initial drizzle of apps into Rain

On a regular basis the android app market is popping up with more sophisticated application. But with so many apps to choose from, how does one get started?

In this post You can find Top 10 all time Best list of apps for every purpose, everything from social to messaging, gaming, design, painting, managing tasks, keeping notes,  music, games, travelling, and more.

  •  GasBuddy (Free)

Want to save money? Download this app. GasBuddy helps you to find Cheap gas. If you are in U.S or Canada use this app to locate gas stations in your vicinity in map or list view. All you have to do is choose the cheapest one.

This app is updated by the user who earn points by reporting the latest prices user can use these points to refill free gas.

  • Plume for Twitter (Free)
    Plume for Twitter

If you like to use Twitter on your Android, you should take a look at Plume for Android. Plume’s layout is slightly similar to Tweetdeck but have more features. Users can add columns, add multiple accounts, and can choose where they want notifications to appear. Some other features are being able to mute certain words or phrases which help to block tweets

  • Dolphin Browser (Free)
    Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is web browser for android .It is comparable to Chrome when it comes to speed. After a new update Dolphin Browser offers Sonar which you to search, share, bookmark, and Add-on support. Using Gesture you can create gestures to access specific websites and there are 60 add-ons to choose from. It’s a best browser with a lot to specifications .

  • Pulse News(Free)
    Pulse News

If you like to get your daily dose of news or gossip on your Android device, Pulse News is for you. This free application is a reader. It lets you select up to 30 online sources to pull news from, and then creates magazine-like pages that feature headlines with thumbnail photos from each source. Pulse is a perfect substitute for your morning or evening Internet scan. All the sources updates in a flash every blogs or articles can be easily read using this app, Add sources like CNN, Gawker, Salon, Wet Paint, MSNBC, and Mashable.

  • Snapchat (Free)
    snap Chat

Everyone knows what Silicon Valley is;  Snapchat is one of the hottest startup came from of Silicon Valley. The Snapchat app lets users to send messages, videos and pictures. They just appear for a few seconds — 10 at most — and then disappear. Snapchat can be described as the “fastest way to share a moment with your friends,” however; most of the research says “everyone uses Snapchat for sexting.”

  • Breezie(£299)

If you are thinking price a typo, you are wrong because Breezie isn’t just an application. For your 300 quid you get Android tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Breezie pre-installed, including a year’s subscription to the Breezie service.

  • Google Drive(Free)
    Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud hosting service provided by Google. Much like Dropbox You can save your important files in Google Drive and when you need to access files on the move, then Google Drive app is there for you. The Google Drive app will hook into the server and allow you to access and files you have uploaded earlier

  • ITriage Mobile Heath (Free)
    ITriage Mobile Heath

ITriange Mobile Heath   Created by doctors helps user to get quick and easy access to medical info not only this it also gives the route of treatment facilities nearby you. With just a few clicks, users can locate the nearest medical facility based on need like urgent care, emergency, pharmacy, etc. and built-in Google Maps helps you to navigate to the destination. The app also have a doctor directory,  symptom-checker, and information about diseases, diet and procedures.

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